The dreamiest of snow days…


The sun managed to peek through those gray clouds today, and in a flash everything turned the most dazzling combination of icy blue and white.  Ice sparkled on every tiny branch and the soft blue shadows crept across a white blanket of fresh snow.  You can almost smell the crisp cold air!

5 Blue & White Essentials for the Perfect Snow

Baby it’s cold outside! Here are a few favorite finds to help you cozy up and enjoy yourself when the white stuff starts to fall:

1. From shoveling the front walk to sledding with the fam, these Sperry Saltwater striped boots will put plenty of prep in your step.

2. Settle in to binge watch your favorite shows under this cozy buffalo print throw, because no one wants to be chilly when they Netflix-and-Chill.

3. Whip up tea or hot cocoa in a flash with this Bella electric kettle. It’s so cute you won’t mind having it out on the counter all season.

4. EO Be Well bubble bath + a glass of vino = the ultimate snow day escape. The fresh eucalyptus scent invigorates, while the arnica soothes sore muscles. Yes, please.

5. We love the look of Harney & Sons tea tins so much, we’d probably buy them even if they weren’t delicious — but thankfully they are. Sip this caffeine-free blend for a warm treat anytime.

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